Would you like to experience more ease and flow in your day to day life and achieve your wildest dreams?

I know what you’re thinking … that’s impossible.

Or maybe …  it’s possible, for other people, but not for me.

Here’s the thing, I used to feel the same way …

But somewhere inside me there was a deep inner knowing that my lifelong pattern of overwork and overwhelm wasn’t actually my true nature.

It was born from a place of necessity from my lineage who immigrated to the US to make a better life for themselves and didn’t know any other way than working hard.

It was magnified by my own internal feelings of not belonging and not being enough, because of my desire to be an artist and the conflict that created with my desire to please my family.

It was reinforced by the programming that I received that it is difficult to pursue a life in the arts or as an entrepreneur and this feeling like the only way to succeed is to do it all. Effectively working our asses off to “make a living” on the side while we pursue our art or business for “the passion”.

As I was working through my own struggle, I realized that there were plenty of people who make money doing what they love in the arts and business,

And they aren’t always the most talented or smartest ones!!

So I decided that I was going to figure out how to merge those things, no matter what it took and the solution might surprise you.

It wasn’t about working harder and longer.
It wasn’t actually about meeting the right people.
It wasn’t about finding a magical coach who had the right formula for success.

It was about slowing down, going inside, and really getting to know myself and my energy.

And then learning how to consistently show up from that place and not get distracted by all the shoulds, worrying about what others were thinking, or looking for quick results.

And that is precisely what I help my clients do today.

To focus less on doing and more on being

To get so aligned with their own desires and intuition that success isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable

And to feel so good in their day to day experience that they can detach from the outcome

Making their dreams even easier to attain.

The Embodiment Tools that I learned and have honed over the past 3.5 years, in combination with my life’s work as a dancer, physical actor, Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer, and writer are precisely what I use to teach and coach my clients to heal their own relationship to hard work and start (finally) manifesting their dreams, while experiencing true enjoyment and balance in their day-to-day lives.

What is Embodiment Coaching?

Embodiment Coaching focuses on integrating your physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual selves, and balancing your feminine and masculine energies.

While Traditional Life Coaching often prioritizes mental processes and masculine goal setting, Embodiment Coaching will help you move past personal willpower and accountability so you can experience true internal motivation and flow. 

Some of the benefits of Embodiment Coaching include calming your nervous system, interrupting patterns of negative thinking, tapping into deeper levels of creativity and imagination, and so much more …

As an Embodiment Coach, some of the tools I use with my clients include Meditation, Somatic Healing, Embodied Dance, Energy Work, Inner Child Work, Past Life Regression, and Visualization. 

Through my Dreamweaver Embodiment Method you’ll:

– Get clear on what you actually want
– Calm your nervous systems and attune to you body and your intuition as tools for manifestation
– Reconnect with the fullness of your dreams (even after a lifetime of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and playing it safe)
– Claim your power and sense of self
– Reestablish your experience of belonging to your self, your family, and your communities of choice
– Take aligned action to achieve your goals

Hi, I’m
Natalie Neckyfarow

and I’m an Actress, Writer, and Embodiment Coach

In 2020, while in the midst of the global pandemic, I began to experience health issues. I was dizzy all the time, was suffering from extreme congestion and brain fog, and was tired all the time.  It took over a year to find out I have Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune condition that attacks your thyroid.

Meanwhile, I was having another kind of crisis. I had taken on a job as a manager of a Pilates studio which felt so poorly aligned with me. I was constantly tired and stressed, in spite of having all of the practical tools to succeed in this position (and job security when so many other people had been laid off).

Something had to change.

To make a long story short, I decided to embark on

training to become a Life Coach through Jeannine Yoder’s Mentor Masterclass. During my training, I discovered the power of slowing down and planning and taking action in alignment with my menstrual cycle and the cycles of the moon. Meanwhile, I started to slowly change the way I was showing up in the world. With the guidance of additional mentors like Kate Northrup and Cara Viana, I learned how to put my body first, heal my nervous system, get reconnected with my intuition, and ultimately how to use energy work and other Embodiment Tools.

I learned how to stop pushing and discovered how to let go and start trusting myself and the universe. I learned to manage my own energy, so that I could be my awesome HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) self without taking on other people’s emotion and energy as my own.

And the results have been (and continue to be incredible).


Natalie is an incredible listener, and a very intuitive healer.

I reached out to her because I felt I needed to build sustainable structures that would motivate me to pursue my passions. I also wanted to dig deeper into the source of my fears.

When I started my sessions, I told Natalie that I was constantly worried that I didn’t have enough time, and that this overwhelmed me to the point of not being able to do assignments. I knew I had so much to do but I didn’t even know where to start and fear was winning.

After a few sessions, and putting effort into the practices that Natalie suggested for me, I am now so much more aware of my beliefs and I’m not as afraid of fear or change as I was before. Through our work, I was able to befriend my fear, which has given me faith in following my gut and continue my artistic journey.  I was able to show up for my writing time, keep up with my daily meditation and writing practices, negotiate a (big) salary for the first time, and so much more!

The practices and exercises recommended by Natalie were so helpful then, and I keep on practicing many of them to this day! I am deeply grateful for our work together and in so much awe of the growth that can happen when we open ourselves up to receiving help.

Salomé Egas

Interdisciplinary Artist, Educator and Bilingual Children's Book Author

There are 3 ways we can work together:

Private Coaching

 1:1 or in an Embodied Coaching Cohort

These longer term containers help you go deep and create the biggest transformation.

Private Healing


Struggling with unexplained physical pain, malaise or lack of motivation, or feeling stuck? Individual sessions can provide relief and help you find more freedom to do your best work.

Embodiment Circles

Group Support

Ongoing Circles to help you make Embodiment practices part of your daily life, personal healing, and find more intention and flow as you pursue your dreams.

Ready to Discover how Private Coaching can help you reach your wildest dreams?

Book your Initial Coaching Session now.

After this session, if it feels like I good fit, I will share more details about how we can work together in a on-going coaching relationship.


I felt supported and seen.

During my session with Natalie, she asked concise questions, which helped me to articulate my needs. And, together we came up with attainable goals and action steps. I recommend her services if you’re looking for clarity, guidance and a supportive space to work through your obstacles.

Alāna Rader, Theatremaker and Poet

Natalie helped me take the pressure off.

Before my session, I was experiencing ever present stress surrounding the pressure of having to accomplish a certain career goal. Through a bit of grounding meditation and reframing the situation, Natalie was able to help me take the pressure off and realize how I can be making steps forward in my career in a way thats authentic to me!

Abby Linderman, Actress

She inspired me to take some real action.

I really enjoyed working with Natalie. She was very present with me the whole time as we worked through my confusion with my business and myself. The actions we chose together have helped me to get to know and see myself better. It’s pretty incredible to watch confusion turn to clarity, and Natalie is a master at orchestrating that.

LiShayla Shurtliff, Visual Artist and Mindset Coach


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Learn how to recharge, find more creativity and play in your work, and move forward in your life, career, and business.


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