How to Build and Embody Your Own Mantra for Letting Go

I am letting go of my need for external validation and I'm claiming my ability to give myself validation from within.

Dec 6, 2020 | Weekend Wisdom

We’re already a full week into December. Can you believe it?

I know me neither. 2020 may well go down as both the fastest and slowest year in history for me. 

What was slow for me … no longer racing (physically) from appointment to appointment, having to learn to make choices about what was most important in order to manage my stress and my health, and really making time for friends, quality time with my husband in the evenings, and for my writing.

What was fast for me … the amount of personal growth I had to do to stretch my empathy muscles and step up to what the world was demanding of me in terms of supporting social justice and really owning who I want to be in the world. While these forms of growth were on opposite sides of the scale, they challenged me equally and made me fully recognize the truth of what is holding me back.

A big piece of that is my personal need / desire for significance and validation. And while it isn’t my favorite thing to admit about myself, one thing I’ve learned is that trying to change myself is a recipe for suffering. What I can do is shift my focus from needing external validation slowly, one day and one moment at time by honoring that need in myself and doing what I can to give myself the validation that I need.

So, as I prepared to go live on Instagram last Friday, I took some time to get really intentional about how I wanted to show up. Grounded, centered, and fully confident in myself and inviting others in rather than needing others to be there for what I offer to have value.

As I led the meditation and invited everyone in attendance to listen for their own mantra, I listened for mine, and what came up for me was “I am letting go of my need for external validation and I’m claiming my ability to give myself validation from within.” I wasn’t quite that eloquent in the moment, but you get the point … and then I used the movement practice that I taught to embody and speak those words over and over.

Maybe those words resonate with you, or maybe you need to find words all your own. The meditation I walk you through during my Movement & Meditation process will help you do just that.

Missed my LIVE and want to know how it all works? Check out the replay below.(Note: watching on your phone is highly recommended. 😉 Next time, I promise to have a fully charged phone so I can record vertically.)

I’d love to hear about anything that comes up for you in the comments below.


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