Expansion: How to Stay in the Feeling of what you Really Want

Expansion: How to Stay in the Feeling of What You Really Want

Apr 2, 2021 | Weekend Wisdom

How are you feeling? Energized, excited, empowered or tired, disappointed, frustrated?

What if I told you you can choose how you feel?

Now before you tune out and start arguing with me (in your mind) about how some bad things “just happen”, let me tell you that yes, you are right.

Do you know what is also true? We have so much more power over our experience than we give ourselves credit for.

I was reminded of that this week when I was coaching a client who was already in a pretty good state and yet, her body and her brain kept wanting to talk about the “other” state she had been in up to that point. That inner voice was trying to drag her back down into worry and anxiety, rather than letting her feel the excitement, possibility, and state of being unstoppable that she was in.

Want to know how to stay in the feelings you want when the old ones start to creep back in? Watch below for all the details.

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