How to prevent burnout without sacrificing your dreams

As things are starting to gear up this fall, how are you feeling? 


Or perhaps a bit of all three …

For many of us, the pandemic and lockdown was an important time where we started to experience what it was like to move at a slower pace for the first time. And once we settled into it, we felt so much better and so much more creative.

As things in NYC and the United States start to get back to a little bit more “normal”, it would be so easy for us to slide back into patterns of overwork and overwhelm.

In today’s inaugural episode of Embodying the Seasons, I’m sharing the most profound practice that I discovered in the last year for staying in the flow. 

If you’ve been curious about what all the buzz around living in harmony with your menstrual cycle and the moon is about, this episode is for you.

As always, I provide a self-practice and resources for you to implement this tool in your own life.

Let me know what you think!

Much love,


Show Notes: 

Join Stepping into Abundance, this Wednesday September 22nd: 


Journal questions: 

  1. Can you give yourself permission to not have to show up with the same energy every day or every week?  Can you allow it to ebb and flow?
  2. What about this feels good/easy?
  3. What about this feels challenging?

Now begin tracking your menstrual cycle, the moon cycles, or both. 

Here are some resources I love for cycle tracking:

Canton Becker: Moon Phase and Astronomy Calendar (add it to iPhone, iCal (Mac OS X), Google Calendar, etc.)

Kate Northrup’s Do Less Planner (Digital)

Kate Northrup’s Daily Energy Tracker

Flo App (I use the free version)


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