Are you dreaming big enough? How to re-open yourself to possibility.

The first thing I do with my clients is ask them to clearly articulate their goals. Strangely, that is not as easy as it might initially seem.

I notice that my clients frequently place restrictions on what they want, without even realizing what they want.

In today’s video, I’m going to help you recognize some signs that you might be limiting yourself and then show you a practice to step back into a place of possibility.

Show Notes:

Today’s Practice: 

Pull out a journal, a notebook, a piece of paper and write down the question: 

Why did I become an artist? 

And then allow your higher self/ sub-conscious to answer. 

Then write this question: What is my purpose as a human and an artist on this planet?

Then: What kind of work inspires me?

Here are a few more: 

What kind of work do I want to create and be a part of?

What is my favorite project that I’ve ever done?

What did I used to dream about doing when I was 5?

And then feel free to add more of your own. 

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