Are you ready to leave your “hard worker” identity behind?

How’s 2022 going for you so far? Are you feeling stressed, exhausted, and anxious? If so, you are not alone.

What I’ve discovered is that most people I know have done I of 2 things…

  1. Planned the shit out of their year. They know (or have decided) exactly what their top goals are and are working extremely hard to make them happen. (Long to-do lists and longer than normal hours are probably being put in.)
  2. Have not really planned their year at all and are now feeling “behind” or pressured to get their shit together so they don’t waste any time. (The more they focus on getting their shit together-the more behind they feel.)
I don’t know about you but even thinking about either of these scenarios makes me feel super stressed out.

This feeling isn’t new, but it really has been only in the past year that I have slowed down enough to feel and acknowledge it.

And this year, coupled with the awareness that it’s winter (when I naturally need to hibernate a little bit) and that I have a lot going on at my day job, my unofficial resolution was to chill. To stop putting timelines on things and allow them to evolve in their own time.

This means embodying the belief that I am worthy and good enough.

This worthiness has nothing to do with how many auditions I get, how many new clients I book, or how much money I make.

I am worthy just because I’m here.

How would it feel if you could also embody this feeling of worthiness and allow yourself to get off the hamster wheel once and for all?

If you could trust your desires can still manifest if you stop working too hard and guilting yourself for not working hard enough?

I know making this shift isn’t easy because I’ve been through it. I had 4 decades of conditioning and ancestral trauma to work through. (And undoubtedly, there is still more work to do.)

I can also share that this is one of the most worthy pursuits you can commit to because we all deserve to feel calm, grounded and in the flow no matter what.

Not just when things “slow down” around us.

We get to choose to “slow down”.

So what does it take to make this shift?

This journaling practice is a great place to begin:

Step 1 – Write down all your beliefs around hard work and success.

Here are a couple examples:

The most successful people work all the time.

The harder I work, the more success I achieve.

Step 2- Debunk your own beliefs.

Write down an example that makes your belief false. (Yes, even 1% false counts!)

Step 3- Rewrite your beliefs to support your desired change.

Here are some shifts based on the beliefs I wrote down:

Many successful people make regular time for rest.

When I get more rest, I have more energy, creativity and am open to the possibility that things can be easy.

Step 4- Start noticing when your outdated beliefs creep in.

Acknowledge them lovingly and choose to act according to your new beliefs instead.

Step 5 -Make decisions and take action according to your new beliefs.

The more you live according to who you want to become, the more these new beliefs become second nature.

How did this process work for you? Tell me in the comments below

Have a beautiful week!



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