How to Choose Your Theme for 2023

And why Embodying your theme matters

I have been choosing a theme for the year for as long as I can remember. Some years my theme was a really successful tool and others I pretty much forgot it after a month.

The first time I really chose a theme that resonated deeply was 2021.

I was in the middle of my life coach training program at the time and my coach Jeannine Yoder offered a Winter Solstice Retreat. During the 3 hour experience, we did a little bit of journaling but actually spent a lot more time on embodiment practices.

An embodiment practice is basically anything you do to engage your entire being in an experience. For me, the entire being includes 5 parts: your mind, your physical body, your emotions, your energetic field, and your spiritual connection.

After doing these embodiment practices in retreat we went into a meditation in shavasana. And while in that meditation so many insights came to me!! But the most astounding thing was that I heard the word JOY, pretty much out of nowhere and that’s how I knew I had to claim it. I wasn’t looking for it and was completely out of my head and not looking for a word or any answers of any kind when it did come. And at the time, even though I wanted to experience joy on a regular basis it didn’t come easily to me.

That year, that focus on JOY shifted everything and I know it was because it chose me rather than me “choosing it” through a lot of heady work that (in hindsight) was based a lot more on what I thought I SHOULD do than what I actually wanted or needed.

The secret to finding a word that resonated and stayed with me was in letting go of needing to control things or figure it out and allowing it to come to me.

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