How to experience more trust as a multihyphenate through spirituality

May 19, 2023 | Embodiment

If you’re a multi-hyphenate, I know that you are busy and passionate. 

You love doing many different things, but how is that working out for you?

If you are like many multi-hyphenates that I encounter, you’ve probably been working really hard trying to juggle all of your passions and may still be doing another gig (or two or three!) to pay your bills.

You may be afraid that if you drop any of your balls, that you will lose your momentum, but what is all of this hard work without rest costing you?

You may be able to keep up this pace through your 20s (I know because I did the same thing), but what happens as you get older and your patterns of overwork start to catch up with you?

The New Paradigm for Multi-Hyphenates

I’m on a mission to help multi-hyphenates pursue their passions in a way that allows them to experience balance both within themselves and in their lives. 

In service of that mission, I’ve been sharing my 5 Aspects of Self model and how to discover whether one aspect is out of balance. 

In this post, I’m going into the 5th Aspect of  Self, Spiritual.

What does it mean to be spiritual?

I think for many people the first thing that comes to mind when talking about spirituality relates to being religious in some way. 

My definition has nothing to do with religion but instead is about your relationship to the intangible. 

This could include your personal spirit or soul, but even more so the things that influence and help your soul to thrive. The energetic forces outside of yourself.

Your spiritual nature shows up in your life’s purpose and passion as well as your personal mission. You have free will and at the same time, there are greater forces guiding you and helping you on your unique journey.

So how do you know if your spirituality is out of balance?

There are two ways that your spirituality can be out of balance.

The first is that you are underactive. You aren’t doing any spiritual practices at all. Or maybe you are doing some practices but are inconsistent. Or you need to practice longer or to shift which practices you are doing in order to experience better results.

This is what I notice for most of my clients. They are working really hard and not seeing a lot of results. They are trying to do all the heavy lifting of their success on their own. There is rarely time for rest, socialization, and they never wait to see the impact of their last action before taking the next one. They are always going …

The other is that you are overactive. What this looks like is spending hours every day focused on manifesting your dreams, but you aren’t actually taking action.

This is rare in the clients I work with, but is something that we should be aware of because it can be very appealing to let go of all control and then end up doing nothing at all.

My relationship to spirituality

I haven’t always been a spiritual person. I was definitely drawn to spiritual practices and objects from a young age. I still remember the big purple astrology book that I had and the beautiful blue crystal with a garnet that I wore around my neck throughout my teenage years. I didn’t know why I was drawn to these things and didn’t really think about it much. 

I re-discovered my spirituality gradually from 2020-2021 as I was in Life Coaching in Mentor Masterclass. I was diving deep into feminine coaching practices which lean into the power of community and sisterhood, and created a direct line for me to traditional practices around the new and full moon, as well as the equinoxes, solstices, and other significant ceremonies centered around pivotal times in nature.

Before I knew it, I found myself learning Energy Work, setting up an Altar, doing my own New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies, and so much more. Through my Energy Work training, I also got connected with my higher self and started connecting with other guides and ancestors.

Now, there isn’t a single day when I don’t ground and center and check in with the wisdom of the universe.  

How has my Spiritual Practice impacted my life?

In one word, trust. 

Here are a few of the ways …

I used to plan my days within an inch of their life. I had long to do lists and would practically kill myself to do everything on that list, even if it no longer made sense. I rarely got rest or had a social life. I really believed that if I kept working harder I would finally get what I want.

Now, I’m so much more flexible. I still have big goals, but mostly focus on what’s the next most important step, rather than trying to flush everything out. And when I do plan something out, I don’t feel beholden to the whole plan. I allow myself to shift as things change. 

I used to struggle with bringing the work I prepared into a class or audition. My work would end up feeling underprepared, under memorized or over emotional or lacking nuance.

Now, I find it easy to show up authentically and from a place of play. I regularly let go of perfectionism and frequently surprise myself by having my work be even better than it was when I was rehearsing on my own.

I used to feel like I had to do everything at once. If I wasn’t constantly working on all my passions, I felt like a failure. I often pushed myself to do too much and ended up burning out a lot. 

Now, I feel the wisdom in focusing on fewer things and letting my other passions be in the background for a while. It’s okay that I haven’t auditioned much in the last 6 months because my primary focus is on building this business. I trust that when I have the space to audition more that the opportunities will come my way. 

What are the key components of a good spiritual practice?

You too can experience the benefits of letting go through regular spiritual practice. 

Not sure where to get started?

Here are the main things that I do: 

  1. I meditate (almost) daily. When I meditate, I incorporate Energy Work which helps me keep my personal energy clear and set clear boundaries. I mostly lead myself through these practices, but occasionally listen to recordings, especially if I’m going through a challenging time and am finding it hard to focus.

  2. I maintain an altar. My altar is filled with crystals, candles, and other objects of significance to me. I currently have a photo of me as a child, a compact mirror with a clock than I inherited from my grandmother, a fireproof bowl, and so much more.

  3. I use oracle cards and a pendulum as tools to ask for guidance. My favorite decks are the Kim Kranz Alchemy, Archetypes, and Spirit Animal Decks and the Sacred Rebels Deck by Alana Fairchild.

  4. I do ceremonies for each month’s New Moon and Full Moon. The New Moon is a good time to set intentions for the month ahead and the full moon is a good time to release what is no longer serving you.

  5. I practice Embodiment practices, like Breathwork and Embodied Movement.

If you are just starting out, one of the gifts you can give yourself is to keep things simple. Just 5 minutes a day and one practice will help you start to witness some real shifts. The biggest shifts occur from consistently showing up over time.

Now it’s your turn …

Do you need to pay more attention to your Spirituality to bring your career and your life back into balance?

What is one practice you can commit to for the next week? Tell me in the comments below.

Have a wonderful week!

Much love,

PS: Want some help building your own personal Spiritual practices? Click here to book your complimentary 1-1 Joyful Action Strategy Consultation and find out more about how I can help you find more balance and attract more of the opportunities you actually want. 


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