Want to Feel More Energized? A Multihyphenate’s Guide to Energy Work

May 26, 2023 | Embodiment

When you hear the question, how’s your Energy?, what comes to mind?

Perhaps you think about how rested you feel when you wake up in the morning, drinking another cup of coffee or a Red Bull to revive your energy in the afternoon, or how much stamina you have to get through your demanding schedule as a multihyphenate artist.

Did you know that what you eat and drink, your exercise routine, and how you sleep are a very small part of what comprises your overall energy?

If you’ve ever felt burnt out (or totally exhausted), you’ve experienced what energy depletion looks like and how the cause can go much deeper than our physical health.

Last week’s blog went on a deep dive into Spiritual Practices and how that can affect your overall sense of balance and peace.

This week I’m going to share with you what I mean when I’m referring to Energy and why tending to your Energetic Self is so vital to living your most creative and productive life.

What do I mean when I refer to the Energetic Aspect of Self?

Your Energetic Self encompasses your body’s energy field which regulates health and healing. Energy flows through and around the body through its aura, chakras, and meridians. Our actions and thoughts can impact our energy as well as the boundaries that we set and how much and when we allow ourselves to be influenced by others.

This Aspect of Self is probably the one that people are least familiar with. Not only does it seem intangible but also our Energetic Body is rarely talked about in mainstream science or medicine.

However, there is both scientific and medical basis for the importance of Energy to our bodies.

If you’ve ever seen a toroidal field image, you may recognize that our bodies have an electromagnetic energy. 

Image from Dr. Brooke Stuart’s post On the Torroidal Field

In addition, based on particle physics, we are all made of atoms. The electrons in your body are indistinguishable from the electrons in the device you are reading this on as well as the electrons in me. This means that if we can access this energy at an atomic level, we can create change and healing. 

This is the basis of Acupuncture and many other Energetic Healing modalities, including the type of Energy Work that I practice.

Depending upon our individual gifts (we are all capable of sensing and working with Energy), it can be sensed in a myriad of ways including through physical sensation and visuals.

Energy is a renewable resource.

You’ve probably heard that Energy can be neither created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another. 

So when I’m practicing Energy Work on myself or using it as a modality to assist my clients, I’m transforming and moving Energy into a more useful form.

How I discovered Energy Work

When I was about three-quarters of the way through with my Life Coach training in Mentor Masterclass, I started to notice that I was receiving intuitive hits and experiencing physical sensations in my body that felt consequential while I was in coaching sessions. For the first time in my life, I started to seriously wonder if I was an empath.

Then I was introduced to a couple foundational Energy Practices by my coaching practice partner. I immediately felt the benefits from doing these energetic practices, so when I learned her teacher Cara Viana was about to start her course Master Your Magic, my curiosity was piqued.

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    When I started the course, I truthfully had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

    Was I actually an empath?
    Did I have energetic gifts? 

    I was incredibly unsure but there was something about this work that was calling me to explore. So I trusted my gut and dove right in.

    How Energy Work has impacted my life

    Within the first week of the course, I felt like a completely different person. At that stage, we were learning how to ground ourselves, to make contact with our higher self, and to clear and protect our energy.

    The overwhelm I had been feeling emotionally as well as my exhaustion started to lift almost immediately. 

    I also noticed that some of my physical symptoms related to my Hashimoto’s Disease– at that point I had severe allergies and congestion – started to release. 

    It kind of felt like a miracle as I would feel my ears and head unclogging while doing the practices. The results were that immediate!! 

    And that was just the beginning. 

    I was taking online Acting classes at the time, and I started to notice that my work in class was really different. It was so much easier to show up as my authentic self.

    Prior to starting these energy practices, I noticed a marked drop in my performance, especially in how free and nuanced it felt when I was performing in front of others versus practicing at home (yes, even on Zoom). 

    And then suddenly, with the implementation of these practices, I was finding myself back in a place of real play, with little to no drop in my performance in front of others. If anything, my performance in front of others was even better than rehearsal.

    In other aspects of life, I’ve also noticed that I’m much better at letting go. I am able to respond better to circumstances in the moment. And I have the capacity to take on more challenges and responsibilities than ever before.

    Why Energy Healing Works

    After training to practice Energy Work on other people and doing this work on myself for over two years, I realized that as an Empathy, I was taking on everyone else’s energy.

    I had no Energetic Boundaries. 

    At times, this was part of what made me a really good actor and really good listener, but in the long term it wasn’t healthy. 

    We are designed to be in integrity in our own Energetic Field. When we aren’t maintaining that, we drain our own life force.

    If you’ve ever worked on a role and then found the circumstances in that character’s life showing up in your own life, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

    It was a little scary when I first created these boundaries, because I was so used to being able to read other people from connecting in their energy.

    Learning to create clear Energetic Boundaries allowed me to experience integrity within myself.

    Now it is rare for my energy to get blown out from being in close proximity with other people. Even living in NYC and getting on crowded subway car after subway car! (And yes, there was a transitional period for me to figure this out once things started re-opening after the pandemic lockdown).

    Now, when I open myself up to reading other people’s energy (primarily in Energy Healings or Coaching Sessions), I set clear intentions for how and why I’m opening up those boundaries. 

    My work is better because I now know the difference between what I’m feeling and what others are feeling. 

    The clarity is priceless!

    How to know if your Energy is out of Balance

    Do you feel anxious and unable to get to a place of calm?
    Or perhaps, you feel heavy or weighted down and can’t seem to figure out why? 
    You may feel tired even though you are getting plenty of rest. 

    Or perhaps you are just feeling off?

    The work that usually comes easily to you is not.
    You feel constricted, tight, and may even be experiencing brain fog.

    If any of the above statements feels true, your Energy is probably out of Balance. 

    What to do if your Energy is out of Balance?

    The first step to balancing your energy is to ground your energy and to set energetic boundaries, so that you ensure you aren’t taking on other people’s energy. For many people, these two practices alone are enough to experience a dramatic shift back towards balance.

    The good news is that these practices are pretty basic. Once you learn them, you can usually practice them on your own. You can listen to this recording once (or more) a day.

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      In addition, these practices will have cumulative positive results over time. 

      Now it’s your turn. 

      Any ahas from reading this article? Did you download the Grounding and Energetic Boundaries practice? How did it feel to do this work? How do you feel differently after doing the practice?

      I love hearing from you! 

      Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

      Much love,


      PS: Need deeper assistance shifting your Energy? You can find an experienced Energy Work Practitioner like myself to help you move stuck energy and restore your flow.


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