5 Journal Prompts for Experiencing more Joy this Holiday Season

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Nov 22, 2023 | Embodiment, Self-Care

I love the holidays!!

The sparkling lights, the Christmas tree smell in my living room, and the joy I receive from perfectly choosing gifts for all of my favorite people. 

When I was a kid, I would start planning and visualizing what the perfect gift was for each of my family members right after Thanksgiving. 

I would leisurely stroll through stores to get ideas.
I would listen carefully to what friends were saying, and
I would open myself up to whatever inspiration was coming my way.
My ultimate goal was always to give them something that delighted them, without them necessarily expecting it. 

After a few weeks of playful exploration, I would make my decisions, buy the gifts, and then set to the art of beautifully wrapping them. 

It was all so easy and joyful!

But somewhere along the way as I moved into adulthood and all the responsibilities that come with being an adult, that joy and ease started to be replaced with pressure and expectation.

With all the shopping, decorating, and parties to attend, I found myself falling into one of the following traps …

  1. Abstaining from the holidays because I didn’t have time to really enjoy them
  2. Trying to do everything (including going full tilt with all of my passion projects), resulting in feeling totally burnt out, OR
  3. Putting all my career and business aspirations on hold to get through the holiday season

But the reality is that we can choose how we would like to experience the holidays if only we slow down enough to become more intentional.

If you are ready to get clear about the holiday experience you would love to have, I’ve put together some journal prompts for you.

I recommend you make yourself your favorite beverage, get cozy and take 15-20 minutes to go through these questions.

When you’re finished, be sure to take action on anything you need to do to bring the vision you created into reality.

Here are your journal prompts:

  1. How would I like to feel this holiday season?
  2. What are my favorite things about the holiday season?
  3. What are my least favorite things about the holiday season?
  4. What expectations, responsibilities, or assumptions can I let go of to reclaim my time and energy?
  5. What actions do I need to take to experience more of what I love and fully release the rest?

Here’s to a joy and ease filled holiday season!

Much love,


PS: Would you like some more support with stepping into your vision? Join me for the next Full Moon Embodiment Circle on Monday November 27th at 8pm EST, where we’ll be leaning into the energy of Letting Go for the Holidays!


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