6 Insights to Help you Manifest Your Dreams with Embodiment

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We’ve all heard about Manifestation in some form or other. But how many of us have figured out how to actually apply it and really make our biggest dreams come true?

In my experience, not many, including myself.

My early experiences in trying to Manifest my Dreams

I first heard about The Secret about 10 years ago. I tried some of the tiny experiments they suggested. For example, I found that I got really good at manifesting a seat on the subway, even during rush hour. And I also saw some fun synchronicities come up, but never anything really big.

I would sit and visualize, but would never fully believe what I was visualizing 90% of the time. 

It felt fake, like I was making it up, and therefore I couldn’t believe it. And therefore, I couldn’t receive it.

Now as an actor and a writer, I basically play make believe for a living, so I began to reflect on what the difference is between knowing I’m playing a character or writing a story and feeling that I’m actually in it.

It was very clear to me that my best work came from the feeling of being totally in it. The work felt like it was doing me, rather than the other way around.

But I was always left with these 3 questions:

  1. What do I have to do to get to that place?
  2. How do I get to that place consistently? 
  3. How can I trust it when I get there?

This past year all that changed for me. 

Three factors that changed my relationship to Manifestation

So why did my relationship to Manifestation change?

Here are the 3 most important factors that created that shift: 

  1.  My daily Embodiment practice got really consistent.
    So what do I mean by Embodiment practice? For me that includes a range of things that help me integrate body, mind, emotions, energy, and spirit. Some of my favorites are  setting intentions, drawing oracle cards, checking in with numerology and astrology, restating my goals, energy work, and movement.

  2.  I was in the practice of putting my body first.
    Moving through a challenging personal transformation meant that it was near impossible for me to push through and try to force results through hard work. On top of that, 3 years of learning to live with an autoimmune disorder, means that I have developed a deep awareness of how to stay aware of my own needs even while I’m pursuing a really meaningful goal.

  3.  My nervous system was ready to move more slowly.
    When we start slowing down initially, our nervous system feels unsafe because this way of being isn’t habitual. Feeling a sense of safety in moving slowly allowed me to create the space to have things come to me, rather than just forging ahead to stay busy and active.

And the results of this shift?

When I sit in meditation and visualize now, 90% or more of what I “see” is coming to me rather than my mind creating it.

6 Insights I learned about Manifestation

In a nutshell, here are the things I learned about manifestation last year:

  1. Manifestation is about tuning into something that is already there rather than pushing through a ton of obstacles and resistance to make something happen.
    Your truest dreams – the ones that are really aligned with your own values and goals – are actually meant for you. They are calling you in just as much as you are calling them in.

  2. Resistance is your body’s form of protection against something that feels unsafe and everything you haven’t yet experienced is going to feel unsafe. There isn’t a lot of logic in place here. So, if you pay too much attention to your resistance, you end up moving farther away from the real dream.

    When you are learning how to manifest, part of your job is recognizing what resistance is something that you need to work through and heal (an actual obstacle) and which resistance is just about not allowing yourself to experience what you really want. 

    (No shade intended. The truth is until we become aware of our habits, none of us are doing this on purpose.)

  3. You are unlikely to manifest anything you think you don’t want or know you don’t want.
    If you are attracting things you don’t want, you are not to blame. Until you understand how the process works and start to see how you are standing in your own way, there is no way you could have stopped any of your experience.

    Recognizing and naming what you don’t want is equally powerful as declaring what you do want as you learn, grow, and heal.

    For example: I’d been worried for a long time that if my business grew too much I would abandon or not have enough time for my creative pursuits like acting and writing. So this actually prevented me from manifesting not just a business, but a sustainable business. Once I realized this thought and shifted my thinking and my actions accordingly, partly by putting more time and energy into acting, I started seeing more success in my business too!!

  4. When people say that you manifest by tapping into the feeling you will have when you achieve the goal, they are missing a deeper layer.
    First of all, feelings are about more than just emotions. Feeling encompasses all physical sensation we experience and some of those physical sensations just happen to be emotions.

    Secondly, it is important to clear any residual emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that are in opposition to the emotion you are hoping to create. Otherwise, you are sending a mixed message and will have mixed results.

    Embodiment practices, which help you integrate body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit, are the quickest way to shift your emotional and physical experience and manifest more quickly.

  5. A bottom up approach to manifestation will always be more accurate and more powerful than a top down approach.
    This means that rather than starting the creation from the top, aka your mind, the creation begins from your body and your connection to energy within you and the universe around you.

    This takes practice. You have to learn to let go of the dominance of your mind to make space for the wisdom of your body and the universe to shine through.

  6.  Daily Embodiment Practices like meditation, energy work, embodied dance, somatic healing, journaling, and visualization are the quickest route to tapping into that feeling of the manifestation doing you.

Want to learn to get more Embodied and experience true manifestation energy?

I’d love to show you how at my next Embodiment Circle. Click here to sign up now. 

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