3 Outside-of-the-Box Strategies to help you build real momentum in your career.


During this FREE 1 hour workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why you sometimes feel stuck and what to do about it
  • What's missing for most actors in their goal setting process
  • How you can use your body to make decisions and choose actions that are truly in alignment with what YOU want

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    Natalie is an amazing coach! She really helped me find what works for ME, versus what I “should” do, and learn to trust my own inner voice. ~ Julie McNamara
    Natalie does a beautiful job of creating a warm, welcoming, and trusting environment to step into. ~ Emma Shafer
    Natalie was able to help me take the pressure off and realize how I can be making steps forward in my career in a way that's authentic to me! ~ Abby Linderman