All-In Embodiment Intensive

because it's time to claim your wildest dreams

March 16 – April 13, 2023


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Have you been feeling like it is time to go all-in ...

but you can’t seem to figure out what’s holding you back?

It’s time to stop trying to figure it out from your head.

And time to start listening to your body and the universe
for the answers and support that you seek.

If you are an artist or entrepreneur who is passionate about  your work
and are feeling a little lost …

Let me show you how Embodiment and Energy Work can change EVERYTHING.

During this 4 week Embodiment Intensive, you’ll:

  • Get clear answers about where you need to put in the work and what you can let go of.
  • Clarify and make peace with your current state of being.
  • Discover what new state of being will allow you to be in a place of complete receptivity.
  • Learn how to practice regular embodiment work so you can stop working so hard and start receiving more of what you want.
  • Connect with a cohort of artists and entrepreneurs who are ready to claim their biggest and wildest dreams.


All sessions will be conducted virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Week 1 (March 16 – 22):

Private Energy Sessions

Week 2 (March 23 – 29):

Embodiment Session #1: Thursday March 23rd at 7pm EST

Week 3 (March 30 – April 5):

Embodiment Session #2: Thursday March 30th at 7pm EST

Week 4 (April 6 – April 13):

Embodiment Session #3: Thursday April 6th at 7pm EST

Recordings will be made available within 24 hours of each session.

Going into my energy healing session with Natalie, I had little to no idea what to expect … but what I left with was a clear understanding of where I needed healing and what life looked like on the other side.  If you are feeling stagnant or blocked, I cannot recommend Natalie’s work enough.  Her deep understanding of the body, along with her divine intuition, allows her to scan your energy with pinpoint accuracy.  I cannot recommend her work enough.

Stephen Joshua Thompson


What’s included:

1 45 minute Private Energy Work Session

During this session, we’ll connect with your guides about what’s holding you back and jumpstart the healing process.

Weekly Journal Prompts

These will help you get clear about what’s blocking you from being all-in and help support the healing process throughout the program.

3 60 minute group Embodiment Sessions

We’ll bring the insights you received in your Energy Work Session and journaling prompts into physical form. Move from your current ways of being into ways that support you being all in.

Private Telegram Group

Connect with me and your fellow participants for support in between sessions.

Lifetime Access to all Embodiment Sessions

Recordings will be available for you to keep and repeat these practices as many times as you like.

Client Love

Natalie is an amazing coach!

Her ability to truly listen and personalize what a client needs is astounding. She really helped me find what works for ME, versus what I “should” do, and learn to trust my own inner voice. She was extremely accessible, communicative, and available anytime I had a question. 

I have really been learning not to overload my schedule and take the time off. I actually was offered a dream role this week and think much of that was to do with me prioritizing for the callback which I couldn’t have done without her.

Julie McNamara

Natalie does a beautiful job of creating a warm, welcoming, and trusting environment to step into. She smoothly led us through journal prompts helping me to clarify my goals. She then created enough structure and freedom to physically move through the prompts she provided.

I was amazed by the emotions of past events that came to light for me during the session. I was so thankful to have Natalie to guide me through what came up. It was the perfect combination of contemplating and dreaming and having the space to physically  move through what arose.”

Emma Shafer

Prior to working with Natalie, I was feeling stagnant and overwhelmed, not knowing how to move my acting career forward and unsure the steps I needed to take to create a Pilates business that I truly believed in and could feel excited about. She helped me come up with step by step plans to further my acting career and launch my own business.


I ended my program with a timeline to keep me on track. My experience with Natalie was truly invaluable. She’s a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to working with her again.

Kelly Spitko

More Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an Energy Work Session?

During this session, I will drop into a deep meditative state to talk to your guides and read your energy. For those of us who tend to overthink, this can provide us with quick clear answers about where to focus and what to let go of. In addition, by reading your energy, I can sense where your system may need healing to open up to receive what is next for you in your journey. I’ll send you that healing which will help you move more easily into the journaling and Embodiment Practices over the remaining 3 weeks.

What’s an Embodiment Session?

During these sessions, you’ll be actively working on experiencing states of being within your body. Using your responses to journaling questions you’ve received beforehand, I’ll guide you through how to feel into and release the physical state you are experiencing now and invite in the physical state that matches the energy of being all in. The movement is highly individual and about feeling and expressing your emotions and energy. Sessions may also incorporate Inner Child and Parts Work.

When will I do my Private Energy Work Session?

All private energy work sessions will be scheduled according to your availability within the first week of the program. You’ll receive access to my schedule to book as soon as you sign up.

When will the Embodiment Sessions meet?

We’ll meet on 3 Thursdays at 7pm EST / 4pm PST:

Thursday March 23rd
Thursday March 30th
Thursday April 6th

What if I can’t attend the Embodiment Sessions live?

You will receive the replays for each Embodiment Session within 24 hours of our completed session which you can go through as many times as you like. If you send me the answers to your journal prompts ahead of time, I’ll be able to incorporate prompts within the session that specifically speak to your journey. And you can ask any questions that arise in the Telegram thread at any point.

How much time will I need to devote to this Intensive?

This Intensive is designed to be an extension of your regular life and can be done in as little as 2 hours per week. This will give you more than enough time to attend/watch our live sessions, complete the journaling practices, and participate in the Telegram group. Of course you are always welcome to do more!

How long will I have access to the Intensive Materials?

The recorded Embodiment Sessions and journaling prompts are yours to keep. You can revisit them as often as you like. Our Telegram Group will close on April 13th, one week after our final Embodiment Session.

Will you be offering this Intensive again?

I’m honestly not sure. While I expect to continue to share these tools in other programs, this special container may never happen again. If I do offer this program again, you can expect that it will be offered at a higher price point.

What is your refund policy?

This program has a no refund policy. If you have questions, please reach out prior to signing up to make sure this experience is right for you.