Get Focused: Your Embodied Toolkit

Get clear about your priorities and let go of the rest

Let’s be real. Life is a huge balancing act.

Whether you’re an actor juggling day jobs, submissions, auditions, and gigs or an entrepreneur working to get your business off the ground while taking care of your family and working a 9-5, it is far too easy for the scale to tip into overwhelm.

It’s time to reclaim your time and energy so you can build real momentum in your career, your business, and your life, without sacrificing any of your darlings.

During this 3 Day Mini-Course you’ll:

  • Discover where your time and energy is actually going
  • Connect deeply to your desires through Heart-Centered Meditation to make aligned decisions about what to focus on right now
  • Experience my signature Embodied Movement process to help you fully let go of the rest

Are ready to feel more energized and accomplished with the time you have?

Option: Add on a 30 Minute Coaching session to support you in getting clear for $60.

Mini-Course (Lifetime Access)


Just the course. Repeat the practices whenever you like.

Mini-Course + Coaching


Lifetime Course Access + 30 Minute Coaching Session. Session expires 30 Days after purchase.