Reclaim Your Dreams: A 3 Day Embodiment Challenge (Replay)

Would you like to reconnect with your dreams …
Believe that they are not only possible but inevitable …
And see a way forward without constantly burning yourself out?

Over the course of 3 Days, you’ll:

  • Get to the root of what’s preventing you from dreaming big
  • Reconnect to your body and your intuition as tools for manifesting your desires
  • Release stuck emotions and beliefs
  • Start healing your belief in yourself and your dreams

Day One – Connect with your Dreams

We’ll discover how to work with resistance and step into a powerful visualization to help you step into your dreams.

Day Two – Balancing Structure and Flow in your Creative Life

We’ll discuss the value of feminine and masculine energy, uncover which type of energy you tend to prioritize most, and experiment with rebalancing both kinds of energy through meditation, energy work, and journaling to experience more flow.

Day Three – Identifying and Releasing your Blocks

Through journaling and embodied movement we’ll identify the blocks that are standing in the way of your dreams and begin the process of releasing them, so you have space to step more fully into your dreams.

This course also includes the bonus workshop, How to Pick Your Slow Burn Project.

Self-Paced Challenge


Working with Natalie has made a big impact, helping me feel more alive in my body, more able to take the time I need for both action and recovery, and more in touch with my creative self. Her grounding meditations always help me feel more centered and present. Working with her has reminded me of how important physical life is to my creative work as an actor, and her “Reclaim your Dreams” workshop was exactly what I needed this season. She helped me identify some deeply held beliefs I’d never articulated before, and I’m grateful to be pursuing my goals in a way that feels more peaceful and balanced.

Anna marie Sell