Embodied Shift

3 Daily Practices for Creatives Ready to Experience Ease and Flow
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Do you find yourself working really hard and still feel like nothing is happening?

Does your time and energy feel restricted and tight?

Have you lost the joy and excitement in your work?

There is nothing wrong with you.

Most likely, you are simply out of balance.

And the quickest way to help you restore your balance and get back to your creative flow is through daily Embodiment practices.

These 3 Daily Practices will help you shift your energy ... in less than 20 minutes a day!!

Practice #1: Grounding & Energetic Boundaries Meditation

This meditation will help you calm your nervous systme and start to discern the difference between your energy and the energy around you.

Practice #2: Letting Go Physically

This physical practice will help you let go of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and patterns that are no longer serving you.

Practice #3: Calling in your Desires

This physical practice will help you experience your desires and the feelings associated with them more deeply and fully.

Natalie's grounding meditations always help me feel more centered and present. Working with her has reminded me of how important physical life is to my creative work as an actor.

~ Anna Marie Sell

After a few sessions, and putting effort into the practices that Natalie suggested for me, I am now so much more aware of my beliefs and I’m not as afraid of fear or change as I was before. I keep on practicing many of them to this day!

~ Salomé Egas

Love the movement. Bouncing, brushing, all of it. FREEING!

~ Ingrid

I feel more movement in my body and less in my head about my story.

~ Elizabeth