Embodiment circles

Has anyone ever told you to “get out of your head” or just “let go”?

That was the number one note I received while I was training as an actor, and I can tell you these notes were not all that helpful.I would end up spending more time just trying to figure it out, which, yep you guessed it, just put me even more “in my head”.

As someone with perfectionist tendencies and who likes to be in control, my ego was standing in my way of channeling my own intuition and brilliance.

The harder I worked, the more stuck I felt.

It was unsustainable and exhausting.

Once I started training to be a Life Coach, I was able to start piecing together my own solution, a combination of awesome Coaching Techniques and Questions with all of my Movement Training from my other skills as a life-long mover, dancer, physical theatre practitioner, and Certified Pilates Instructor.

Now when I have burning questions or feel stuck, I resource my own body and my own intuition to keep moving forward and take things one step at a time

In Embodiment Circles, I guide other actors, creatives, and entrepreneurs to move more deeply into their bodies through meditation, journaling, and movement in community.

Modeling these circles on the Lunar Cycle helps us learn at a visceral level how nature is supporting us.

During New Moon Circles, we explore what it feels like to step into emptiness and plant seeds, a foundation of support for all that we want to create in our lives. On a movement level, we focus on restorative practices and slower grounding movements.

During Full Moon Circles, we explore what is like to share and be visible. These circles are high energy with the goal of collectively building energy and confidence. Movement will be more vigorous (and you will probably sweat!). I often include partner or group generated movement activities.


More alive in my body and more in touch with my creative self

Working with Natalie has made a big impact, helping me feel more alive in my body, more able to take the time I need for both action and recovery, and more in touch with my creative self.

Her grounding meditations always help me feel more centered and present. Working with her has reminded me of how important physical life is to my creative work as an actor.

She helped me identify some deeply held beliefs I’d never articulated before, and I’m grateful to be pursuing my goals in a way that feels more peaceful and balanced.

– Anna Marie Sell

Upcoming Circles

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The perfect combination of contemplating and dreaming

I had never attended an Embodiment Circle before and was extremely grateful I went. Natalie does a beautiful job of creating a warm, welcoming, and trusting environment to step into. She smoothly led us through journal prompts helping me to clarify my goals. She then created enough structure and freedom to physically move through the prompts she provided. I was amazed by the emotions of past events that came to light for me during the session. I was so thankful to have Natalie to guide me through what came up. It was the perfect combination of contemplating and dreaming and having the space to physically  move through what arose. I highly recommend this workshop with Natalie! I know I will attend one again.

– Emma Shafer

how a circle works

Circles are a space for all to come together for mutual benefit. We all have something we can learn from one another. 

I open every circle inviting everyone in attendance to introduce themselves and set an intention for our 90 minute session.

I then lead a meditation and journaling practice to further clarify how we want to be moved during the physical practice.

This is followed with a Movement practice designed to speak to the particular theme of our Circle.

We end with a time for sharing and closure.

Frequently asked questions

I have an injury or physical restriction. Will I be able to fully take part in these Circles?

Absolutely. Since the goal of this workshop is to get you more in touch with your own body, you will be 100% encouraged to go at your own pace and modify movement whenever necessary. If you need assistance with a modification, I am always happy to help.  I have 20+ years experience as a Pilates Instructor and am trained to work with clients who have injuries and physical restrictions.

Is this workshop for women only?

Embodiment Circles are open to men, women, and non-binary and other gender non-conforming folks as I believe this work is powerful and useful for all genders to experience. I believe in holding a space that is free of bias and supportive to all. If an attendee behaves in a manner that does not uphold this standard, they will be asked to leave.

I am not available for the entirety of the workshop. Can I still attend?

If you have to be a few minutes late or leave a few minutes early, that can usually be accommodated. Please email me ahead of time to let me know so that we can make sure your entry and exit is the least disruptive to the group.

I cannot attend LIVE. Will this be recorded?

A recording will be made available for 7 Days after the initial event. If you’d like to receive the recording, please be sure to sign up for the event ahead of time.

What People are Saying

It felt amazing to unwind

emotionally and physically. I loved the process of watching my discomfort shift into ease. I loved going from stiff and tense to relaxed and limp.

LiShayla Shurtliff

Loved it!

It took me out of the self-sabotaging, mundane circle I was in. I highly recommend Natalie’s approach to a better life.

Noémi Sàrog

Warm, welcoming and trusting environment

It was the perfect combination of contemplating and dreaming and having the space to physically  move through what arose. I highly recommend Circles with Natalie!

Emma Shafer

Terms & Agreements

Refund Policy: All Circle payments are non-refundable. However, if you cancel with 48 hours notice, you may apply your purchase to another circle.

Liability Release: Coaching results are not guaranteed. The Client enters into this Agreement with the understanding that they are responsible for taking action and creating their own results. The Coach is not a therapist or medical professional and is not responsible for the Client’s choices or emotional response. The Client agrees not to hold the Coach liable for any actions or results for adverse situations created as a result of coaching or any specific referral given by the Coach. Additionally, the Client understands there will be physical practices during these circles and is solely responsible for his/her well being. The Client is encouraged to modify for their own comfort level and the Coach will provide modifications if request. The Client agrees to release the Coach from any liability for any physical injury that may be incurred as a result of his/her participation.

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