Embodied Healing Sessions

Release stuck energy and emotions so you can get back to your most vital work
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Have you lost your motivation and ability to follow through?

Do your emotions feel extra intense or non-existent?

Do you have physical pain or symptoms with no clear medical explanation?

These are all signs that you could benefit from an Embodied Healing Session.

My work draws from a variety of modalities including Somatic Healing, Energy Work, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Work, and Embodied Dance.

Check out the Case Study below and feel free to reach out if you have further questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Embodied Healing Session?

These sessions are designed to help you release stress, trauma, emotions, energy, beliefs, and patterns that may be keeping you stuck.

I practice a variety of modalities including Energy Work (based on ancient Asian and Egyptian traditions), Somatic Healing (using the body through movement to shift energy), Inner Child work, Past Life Regression, Embodied Dance, and more.

What happens during a Healing Session?

When you book, you will answer a few questions about what you would like help shifting in your life and any physical, emotional, and energetic symptoms you’ve been experiencing. 

Based on this information, we’ll drop into meditation together where I’ll ask your body and your guides some questions to guide your session. This includes what modality or modalities will best serve your transformation. 

We’ll then proceed with the healing part of the work. I will walk you through every step of the process. 

At the end of your session, I’ll give you a few recommendations of how you can best integrate the work we’ve done during your session.

How many sessions will it take to resolve my block?

This varies widely depending on your symptoms, how open your nervous system is to change, and how deep or old the root cause of your block is. 

I will have a better sense of how long it will take to resolve your issue and whether you may need further sessions after your first session. 

Small challenges are usually resolved in 1-3 sessions. 

If your block is part of a bigger pattern, I may recommend an ongoing coaching package (which includes healing work) to support you through the shift. 

Regardless of how long your block takes to resolve, you will definitely experience relief after one session.

Do you take requests for which modalities you use?

100%. If there is a specific modality you are interested in, or one that you are uncomfortable with, I will certainly take that into account. 

If the guidance I receive is recommending something else, I will let you know but the decision is up to you. This is a consent based practice.

What issues and problems can you work with during a Healing Session?

I am first and foremost a clairsentient. This means I receive most of my intuitive downloads through my physical body. This combined with my 20 years experience as a Pilates Instructor and Fitness Coach and lifetime experience as both a dancer and physical theatre performer means that I am particularly skilled at helping clients with physical ailments like autoimmune disorders (I have Hashimotos), physical pain (particularly pains that have no medical explanation), emotional blocks and releasing old stress and trauma from the body. 

I also have extensive experience helping clients move through feeling unworthy, not enough, and blocked in receiving abundance or being able to move forward with their dreams. 

Almost every challenge you are experiencing can be helped with a Healing Session.

Why should I choose a Healing Session instead of Coaching?

Most clients come to me for a Healing Session when they have tried everything and nothing else has worked. They are eager for some immediate relief so they can get back to what they love with less resistance and pain. 

Coaching is for clients who are ready for a big transformation. Maybe you want to level up in their life and their career. Get off your current plateau and experience a new way of being as well as start to see different kinds of results and opportunities show up for them. Coaching includes some use of healing modalities in relationship with goal setting, setting up daily practices to support you, and ongoing support.

What is your refund policy?

All session purchases are non-refundable. Please note when booking that 24 hours notice is required to reschedule your session. All sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be forfeited.

More questions? Reach out prior to booking here.

Going into my energy healing session with Natalie, I had little to no idea what to expect … but what I left with was a clear understanding of where I needed healing and what life looked like on the other side. 

If you are feeling stagnant or blocked, I cannot recommend Natalie’s work enough.  Her deep understanding of the body, along with her divine intuition, allows her to scan your energy with pinpoint accuracy.  

Stephen Joshua Thompson

Actor, Energy Healing Session