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and let go of the rest

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Being an actor is one of the biggest balancing acts on the planet.

You have day jobs to juggle, submissions, auditions, gigs, and regular life.

When you add other creative aspirations into the mix, like creating your own work or starting your own business, the scale can easily tip into overwhelm.

It’s time to reclaim your time and energy so you can build real momentum in your career and your life, without sacrificing any of your darlings.

During this 3-part video series you'll:

  • Discover where your time and energy is actually going
  • Connect deeply to your desires through Heart-Centered Meditation to make aligned decisions about what to focus on right now
  • Experience my signature Embodied Movement process to help you fully let go of the rest

Are ready to feel more energized and accomplished with the time you have?

Natalie Neckyfarow is an Actress, Writer, and Producer who is currently developing her original play
(not exactly a) ONE WOMAN SHOW. She founded Cultivating Empathy Coaching in 2020 to help fellow multi-hyphenates harness their unique talents and gifts without sacrificing any “hyphens”. 

Through her Joyful Action Coaching Method, which integrates Embodiment, Energy Work, and Conversational Tools, she shows her clients how to get clear on what they really want, make decisions, and overcome challenges and blocks as they arise.