Goal Setting for Uncertain Times

A WORKSHOP to get you aligned and in ACTION

The past few years have been rough

Especially if you are an actor.

In the early days of the pandemic,  Broadway closed and TV shows and Film projects went on long hiatuses. We all had to learn how to audition primarily via self-tape and fill our performance void with Zoom shows. 

Then as things started to look better, we experienced new Covid protocols to re-open production and eventually Broadway. 

And now, we are experiencing uncertainty anew with this Omicron wave.

How do you even begin to set goals with all the happening?

I’ve got good news.

As an actor or creative, you’ve always accepted a bit more uncertainty than most people. When you friends and family ask you how and why you do it, you simply say, you have no other choice. Your calling is more important than the security of a ‘normal’ career.

If you listen to your heart, that fundamental truth hasn’t changed.

But now that the uncertainty extends so much to the world at large and it feels harder than ever to plan long term, all of the things that kept you feeling grounded have come crashing down.

The truth is …

Most of us have been taught that achievement and success is all about the hustle … working harder and longer (and often more out-of-sync with our own goals and desires).

Traditional goal setting focuses on linear growth only, when in reality, our growth is cyclical.

These same single sided goal setting processes reinforce the patriarchy and non-inclusive practices.

There is a better way …

which holds up , especially now when so much more about our lives is unpredictable.

  • Learn about new  paradigms for goal setting that honor your heart and your intuition.
  • Discover the difference between feminine and masculine energies and how you can incorporate both into your goal setting process.
  • Expand your vision so you are no longer playing small.

After this workshop, you’ll have the tools to set goals in a way that will support you in finding more ease and flow in your life this year.

You’ll feel open, grounded, and connected to your heart in new and unexpected ways, setting the stage for a year where you feel healthy, vibrant, and continue moving towards your passion with more flow and less stress.

You’ll even receive a resource booklet to further guide your journey.

I can’t wait to see where this process takes you!

With so much love,


About Natalie Neckyfarow & Cultivating Empathy Coaching

Natalie Neckyfarow is an Actress, Creator and Life Coach who has devoted her life to wellness and creativity. She began her creative life as a dancer and has worked in every facet of entertainment from actor, dancer, singer to choreographer-director to creator and producer. She is currently writing a One Woman Show (which actually has an ensemble too) loosely based on her own challenges in seeking success in the entertainment industry as a 5’2 reluctantly quirky go-getter. She is the award-winning producer of Redheads Anonymous and Ordinary Days (concert benefitting the Autism Initiative of the Theatre Development Fund). She has been certified as a Pilates Instructor since 2001 and had her own independent fitness practice for over 10 years. Embodiment is an essential part of her Life Coaching practice, Cultivating Empathy Coaching, which she founded in September 2020 while shepherding one of NYC’s Top Pilates Studios through the Coronavirus Pandemic as their General Manager. It is her mission to help actors, creatives, and entrepreneurs get connected to their own truth to build a meaningful vision for their lives and learn how to move towards their goals without burnout.