what does it take to


     as an artist?

    It’s not talent and it’s not just about hard work either.

While commitment and dedication are factors, the thing I’ve seen that truly helps artists thrive is a willingness to do deep work on themselves.

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Cultivating Empathy Coaching

I’m Natalie Neckyfarow, and I am an Actress, Creator, and Life Coach.

Like yourself, I have worn many hats. This includes the number of roles I’ve played (from stage to screen) to the day jobs I’ve had and the businesses I have run. (Sometimes at the same time.)

I’m my most successful when I’m willing to take big risks. 

Even knowing that, there have been many times I’ve been unable to make that kind of leap. Times where I felt deeply stuck, unmotivated, and unable to do the work, even when I knew exactly what I needed to do.

I’m a deeply empathetic person. In order to do my best work, I have to keep my heart open and sometimes the failures hit me really hard. Sometimes my work triggers past feelings of vulnerability in me and my body shuts down. And sometimes I just work too hard and am exhausted.

Can you relate?

We simply can’t do our best work when we are exhausted or emotionally depleted.

In 2020, shortly after the pandemic lock down, I realized how exhausted I truly was and how much I felt unfulfilled and burnt out by my day job. That was when I decided to do something about it and enrolled in Mentor Masterclass (a life coach training program run by Jeannine Yoder). 

When I started the program, I had no idea if I would actually become a Life Coach, but I knew at a deep level that I needed these tools for my own evolution.

I’m proud to say that I’m a completely different person than I was when I started this journey.

Not because there was anything that needed to be “fixed” about me, but because I had to be willing to draw back the curtain and look at all of the things that I had been hiding from or was ashamed of.

Here are the top 7 things that are different about me now:

  1. I listen to my body and don’t push through “just because” it is what I’ve always done.
  2. I recognize that healing is a lifelong journey. The more success I achieve as an actress, creator, and coach, the more I commit to doing the work. (There is always room for expansion.)
  3. I am a better friend and family member. I listen better and I communicate better. I ask for what I want. I don’t offer unsolicited advice.
  4. I meditate and practice energy work (almost) every day.
  5. I have an altar – where I have special objects, inspiration, and crystals.
  6. I can distinguish my energy and emotions from the others around me. 
  7. I no longer suffer from crippling stage fright in auditions.

Through my own process and coaching clients over the past 2 years, I have learned that to change our thoughts, we must first change our bodies. (Emotions, Memories, and Stress get stored there.) To that aim, my unique approach to life coaching includes conversation models, meditation, embodiment practices, and energy work. 

Whether you are ready for a coach now, are looking for community, or just a little bit of inspiration, I hope you’ll stay for awhile. There are free gifts and blog posts at the ready to get you started on your personal journey towards the success you’ve always dreamed of.

And remember this:

You are enough.
You are talented.
You are worthy.
Exactly how you are.

Much love,


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I felt supported and seen.

During my session with Natalie, she asked concise questions, which helped me to articulate my needs. And, together we came up with attainable goals and action steps. I recommend her services if you’re looking for clarity, guidance and a supportive space to work through your obstacles.

Alāna Rader, Theatremaker and Poet

Natalie helped me take the pressure off.

Before my session, I was experiencing ever present stress surrounding the pressure of having to accomplish a certain career goal. Through a bit of grounding meditation and reframing the situation, Natalie was able to help me take the pressure off and realize how I can be making steps forward in my career in a way thats authentic to me!

Abby Linderman, Actress

She inspired me to take some real action.

I really enjoyed working with Natalie. She was very present with me the whole time as we worked through my confusion with my business and myself. The actions we chose together have helped me to get to know and see myself better. It’s pretty incredible to watch confusion turn to clarity, and Natalie is a master at orchestrating that.

LiShayla Shurtliff, Visual Artist and Mindset Coach


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