I’m Natalie Neckyfarow.

I work with Artists, Actors, and Creative Entrepreneurs to move out of confusion and self-doubt into decisive action.

Whether you are at the beginning of a new journey or at a crossroads and are uncertain about which way to turn, one on one coaching is a powerful tool to help you find your way.

About Natalie

Natalie Neckyfarow is an Actress, Creator & Life Coach who is passionate about helping artists, actors, and creative entrepreneurs  discover their truth and celebrate their own uniqueness and possibility. As a lifelong mover, Natalie’s work begins with harnessing the wisdom of our bodies. By helping her clients recognize their stuck stress and emotion and guiding them to compassionately release their blocks, she helps them to uncover their deepest desires and greatest gifts. She is most in her element when guiding women who are birthing a new creation, whether that be a business, a piece of writing, or a truer version of themselves. She brings deep empathy and intuition to her work as she helps her clients navigate the challenges that arise during every stage of the process. In her artistic life, Natalie has worked on both sides of the table. Favorite projects include: The Body of A Woman as a Battlefield in the Bosnian War (Actress), High Water Line (Director), a short play about climate change told creatively with movement; zounds! (Movement Director), world premiere and Edinburgh Fringe productions; Ordinary Days (Producer/ Actress), concert production to benefit the Autism Theatre Initiative; and Redheads Anonymous (co-Producer), award winning web series. Natalie is currently writing a One Woman Show, in which she explores the challenging inner dialogue she has with her own ego, as well as a web series loosely inspired by her journey as a Pilates Instructor, and an epic play exploring climate change. Natalie is a graduate of Atlantic Acting School’s Full-Time Conservatory and has a BA in Dance from Smith College. She has also trained with SITI Company, Fiasco Theater, and Frantic Assembly and is a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association & SAG-AFTRA. 
In the realm of the body and mind, Natalie completed her comprehensive training in Pilates at the Kane School of Core Integration in 2001 and has been teaching private and group sessions as a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Coach ever since. Her deep attention to anatomy led her to work with many recovering from injuries, always starting from a place of of good biomechanics first and adding speed and intensity second. It is amazing what we we can accomplish when we work with rather than against ourselves! She has done additional workshops in Personal Training, Yoga, MELT Method, and Anatomy/Kinesiology and is currently continuing her training in Life Coaching as a member of Jeannine Yoder’s Mentor Masterclass.

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