1:1 Joyful Action Intensive

… because it’s time to fully be yourself
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There is only one you in this world.

You are the sum of all your talents,
all of your skills,
all of your interests,
all of your successes
and yes, all of your failures.

And yet, there are all these voices in our heads that tell us we are not enough,
that we are somehow less than ….
because we didn’t do things perfectly,
because we didn’t book that job,
get that callback,
attract the perfect client,
or have a successful launch.

We get so focused on the final product
That shiny moment of external success that we can post on Instagram
(and get all of this external validation)
That we forget that the most important person to please is ourselves.

Imagine what it would be like if you could fully be in the process ...

Learn and grow from every moment,
Feel just as confident and proud of your setbacks as you are of your wins,
because they’re all part of who you are
and who you are becoming.

If you’re ready to get to know and love the real you
If you are ready to claim all of your parts
If you are ready to really go after your desires
and be just as present for the heartbreaks as the successes.

You are in the right place.

Through private coaching, you’ll get intimately acquainted with who you are and what you want.

You will learn to master your time,
to focus on the things that really matter,
to follow your passions,
to set boundaries,
to prioritize yourself,
and to experience joy along the way.

It all starts with your 1:1 Joyful Action Intensive.

Natalie is an amazing coach!

Her ability to truly listen and personalize what a client needs is astounding. She really helped me find what works for ME, versus what I “should” do, and learn to trust my own inner voice. She was extremely accessible, communicative, and available anytime I had a question. 

I have really been learning not to overload my schedule and take the time off. I actually was offered a dream role this week and think much of that was to do with me prioritizing for the callback which I couldn’t have done without her.

Julie McNamara

Actor, 1:1 Intensive Client

What’s included:

5 Aspects Questionnaire and Goal Calibration Intake

This CEC signature intake will help you identify what aspects of yourself need more attention and the most important project, area, or goal to work on during your month-long intensive.

4 60 minute Intuitive Strategy Sessions

We’ll meet once a week for one month to work through challenges and blocks as they arise. In addition to conversation based coaching, I will bring in Energy Work, and Embodiment Techniques at multiple stages of the program.

Custom Daily Practice

I’ll guide you in creating a daily practice to support your growth towards your goal throughout this program and beyond.

Integration Steps

We’ll curate your next powerful actions at the end of each call so you’re always clear about what to do next.

Voxer Support

You’ll be able to send a quick message or voice memo in between sessions so you have support when you need it most.

Here’s are some things that past clients have accomplished during a one month 1:1 Intensive:

  • Discovered the best schedule for their optimal productivity and creativity
  • Learned how to juggle their hyphens in a way that helps them expand time and accomplish more with the time that they have
  • Developed a better relationship with themselves, their body, money or their career   (focusing on one areas often ripples out to other areas)
  • Mapped out their goals and created an action plan for the next 3 – 6 months
  • Defined and set in motion a new project they’d been dreaming about for ages

Prior to working with Natalie, I was feeling stagnant and overwhelmed, not knowing how to move my acting career forward and unsure of the steps I needed to take to create a Pilates business that I truly believed in and could feel excited about. She helped me come up with step by step plans to further my acting career and launch my own business.

I ended my program with a timeline to keep me on track. My experience with Natalie was truly invaluable. She’s a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to working with her again.

Kelly Spitko

Actor, Pilates Instructor, 1:1 Intensive Client

Going into my energy healing session with Natalie, I had little to no idea what to expect … but what I left with was a clear understanding of where I needed healing and what life looked like on the other side.  If you are feeling stagnant or blocked, I cannot recommend Natalie’s work enough.  Her deep understanding of the body, along with her divine intuition, allows her to scan your energy with pinpoint accuracy.  I cannot recommend her work enough.

Stephen Joshua Thompson

Actor, Energy Work Session

In our strategy session, Natalie asked really insightful questions and helped me realize my blindspots in my time management that led to feeling frazzled. She guided me through setting up a schedule that works for me and the embodiment exercises were very centering and grounding. Natalie is a great listener and wonderful coach, I felt very heard and seen.  The whole process felt very collaborative and supportive.

Thank you Natalie!

Donna Chang

Acupunturist & Coach, Strategy Session

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