The New Year Workshop Series

The New Year Workshp Series Clearing Space for 2024 Thursday Dec 21 3pm EST

Clearing Space for 2024

When’s the last time you took time to really release and let go of the current year before stepping into the New Year?

In our current culture, we’re often so focused on what’s next that we leave this vital step behind.

During this 2 hour Embodiment Circle, you’ll be guided to take stock of 2023 in a loving and compassionate way. To accept the tough stuff, the challenges and disappointments, and to fully acknowledge and celebrate your wins.

You’ll be guided through a series of journal prompts, leaving no important stone unturned.

I’ll lead you through Energy Work to help you surrender and release any unresolved energy and emotions that won’t serve you in the coming year.

You’ll embody your gratitude and celebrations for all of your successes through Embodied Movement.

And you’ll connect with other like minded people who are ready to step into their biggest dreams.

You’ll leave feeling free and clear and ready to start dreaming and planning for 2024!

Join us live on the Winter Solstice, Thursday December 21st at 3pm EST or catch the replay.

The New Year Workshop Series Setting Intentions for 2024 Thursday January 11th at 3pm EST

Setting Intentions for 2024

Do you usually jump into the New Year with a set of brand new goals and tons of motivation only to find yourself falling off the wagon by the end of January?

Perhaps you get caught up in New Year’s excitement so much that you haven’t actually checked in to make sure the goals you are setting are in deep alignment with your soul’s purpose.

During this 2 hour Embodiment Circle, I’ll guide you in a process to help you re-connect with your intuition, your body, your values, and your purpose.

You’ll go through a series of meditations to help you connect deeply to your heart, journal to help you connect with your biggest desires, and then workshop your ideas to land on your top 3 goals or intentions for 2024.

We’ll culminate our Circle with a ceremony, including Embodied Movement, to help you plant your goals and intentions and begin the process of bringing them into reality.

Join us live on the first New Moon of 2024, Thursday January 11th at 3pm EST or catch the replay.

All Replays will be available through January 31, 2024.

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