Reclaim Your Dreams

A 3 Day Embodiment Challenge

September 26 – 28, 2023

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Have you stopped believing in your dreams?

Do you frequently revise your goals to make them more practical and achievable?

While there is value to being able to check things off your list,
Without the connection to your bigger vision,
Perhaps you are feeling a little lost …

What is all this hard work for if it isn’t in service of achieving your dreams!!

It’s time to stop making yourself small.

Would you like to reconnect with your dreams …
Believe that they are not only possible but inevitable …
And see a way forward without constantly burning yourself out?

Join me for

Reclaim Your Dreams: A 3 Day Embodiment Challenge

Over the course of 3 Days, you’ll:

  • Get to the root of what’s preventing you from dreaming big
  • Reconnect to your body and your intuition as tools for manifesting your desires
  • Release stuck emotions and beliefs
  • Start healing your belief in yourself and your dreams

Natalie Neckyfarow is an Actress, Writer, and Embodiment Coach who is currently developing her original play
(not exactly a) ONE WOMAN SHOW and first short film The Spark. She founded Cultivating Empathy Coaching in 2020 to help creative women experience more balance, productivity and creativity in their day-to-day lives.​. 

Her Joyful Action Coaching Method focuses on deepening the connection to our bodies, releasing stuck emotions and stress, shifting belief systems, and taking aligned action to achieve our biggest and wildest dreams.

Our Schedule

Day One – Tuesday September 26th
Connect with your Dreams

We’ll discover how to work with resistance and step into a powerful visualization to help you step into your dreams.

Day 2 – Wednesday September 27th
Balancing Structure and Flow in your Creative Life

We’ll discuss the value of feminine and masculine energy, uncover which type of energy you tend to prioritize most, and experiment with rebalancing both kinds of energy through meditation, energy work, and journaling to experience more flow.

Day 3 – Thursday September 28th
Identifying and Releasing your Blocks

Through journaling and embodied movement we’ll identify the blocks that are standing in the way of your dreams and begin the process of releasing them, so you have space to step more fully into your dreams.

What People Are Saying

Natalie helped me to embrace all the things that I love to do and to let go of resistance!


I just finished watching the entire [Get Focused: Your Embodied Toolkit] series and it helped me so much to let go of beliefs that don't align with me!


[The Embodiment practices] took me out of the self-sabotaging, mundane circle I was in. Loved it!


Natalie has a warm personality and an open heart which allowed me to express myself authentically.


It felt amazing to unwind emotionally and physically.


It was the perfect combination of contemplating and dreaming and having the space to physically  move through what arose.


Natalie was able to help me take the pressure off and realize how I can be making steps forward in my career in a way that's authentic to me!


Love the movement. Bouncing, brushing, all of it. FREEING!


I feel more movement in my body and less in my head about my story.


What's included:

  • 3 Live 1 hour Group Embodied Coaching Sessions
  • Free Replays if you can’t make it live or want to rewatch any of our practices
  • Support from me and the entire Reclaim Your Dreams cohort in my free community The Pack
  • Access to prizes for completing each day of the challenge
  • First access to my new program The Incubator

Here is the list of incredible prizes that you are eligible to earn by participating each day:

  • A signed copy of Manifestation Made Easy from one of my mentors, Jen Mazer, the Queen of Manifestation.
  • A copy of Swimming with Elephants, from Shamanic Mentor, Artist and Author, Sarah Seidelmann.
  • A Kiwi Jasper necklace from Melissa Faye Designs – handcrafted jewelry.
  • A $50 gift card from Erin’s Faces.
  • A private 60 minute Embodied Coaching session with me.
  • Complimentary enrollment in the next round of Embrace Your Artist’s Way: A 12 week guided group journey through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, with Corrie Legge (starting in January 2024)

Can’t make it live? No problem. All you have to do to be eligible for prizes is to watch the replay and do your integration work within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the live Zoom sessions be?

Tuesday September 26, Wednesday September 27, & Thursday September 28 at 1pm EST / 10am PST / 6pm BST (Click here to convert to your time zone.)

What if I can’t make it live?

While I encourage you to attend live as much as possible – the energy of having the full group will be awesome – replays will be sent out for all 3 Days. You can still participate in our community and be eligible to receive prizes for taking part.

How long will the sessions be?

I expect each session to run for about 60 minutes.

Are you ready to reclaim your dreams?