Release your Blocks

Through Embodiment

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Do you keep hearing that you need to shift your mindset?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing is working?

Traditional approaches to mindset encourage you to fix your thoughts with other thoughts.

But our brain is not independent of our bodies, so if we don’t address our physical bodies where we accumulate stuck stress and emotions, or the wiring of our nervous system, is it any wonder that our stubborn unsupportive beliefs return?

Often with a vengeance.

It’s time to shift your thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and behaviors from the bottom up.

During this 5-day Mini Course, you'll:

  • Learn what Embodiment is and why it matters
  • Take the first step to Open Back Up to your Biggest Dreams 
  • Uncover your Biggest Blocks
  • Release Old Blocks and Uncomfortable Feelings
  • Step into your Vision through Embodied Dance

You'll also receive:

  • 5 Instructional Videos to walk you through my unique Embodiment process
  • Daily practices including meditations, energy work, journaling prompts, and embodied movement to make sure you start implementing these valuable tools right away.
  • Lifetime access to the videos. (Even if I decide to charge for this course at a later date.)

Are ready to start achieving your biggest dreams?

Natalie Neckyfarow is an Actress, Writer, and Embodiment Coach who is currently developing her original play
(not exactly a) ONE WOMAN SHOW and first short film The Spark. She founded Cultivating Empathy Coaching in 2020 to help creative women experience more balance, productivity and creativity in their day-to-day lives.​. 

Her Joyful Action Coaching Method focuses on deepening the connection to our bodies, releasing stuck emotions and stress, shifting belief systems, and taking aligned action to achieve our biggest and wildest dreams.

What People Are Saying

Natalie helped me to embrace all the things that I love to do and to let go of resistance!


I just finished watching the entire [Get Focused: Your Embodied Toolkit] series and it helped me so much to let go of beliefs that don't align with me!


[The Embodiment practices] took me out of the self-sabotaging, mundane circle I was in. Loved it!


Natalie has a warm personality and an open heart which allowed me to express myself authentically.


It felt amazing to unwind emotionally and physically.


It was the perfect combination of contemplating and dreaming and having the space to physically  move through what arose.


Natalie was able to help me take the pressure off and realize how I can be making steps forward in my career in a way that's authentic to me!


Love the movement. Bouncing, brushing, all of it. FREEING!


I feel more movement in my body and less in my head about my story.